Set a Healthy School Culture with SEL

Social and emotional competency is key to success at school, at home, and beyond. Explore BrainPOP’s SEL site for movies, games, and creative activities that build SEL competencies, or get started with these ideas:

Map a Motto 
Brainstorm and map ideas about how to communicate respectfully on- and offline. Then develop the ideas from the concept map into a classroom motto. Digital Etiquette Make-a-Map >

Code a Meme
Excited? Scared? Happy? Code a meme expressing how you feel about going back to school, or any other experience that brings up strong emotions. Back to School Meme >

A Day in the Life
Make a movie of a day in your life, including your emotions and what triggers them. Day in the Life Make-a-Movie >

SEL Through the Seasons
It’s always a good time for SEL! Discover how one educator incorporates BrainPOP to develop SEL competencies throughout the school year. SEL Blog Post >

Get Creative!

Students learn best when they are actively engaged: doing, making, exploring, playing, reflecting, tinkering, failing, and trying again! BrainPOP’s Make-a-Movie, Make-a-Map, and Creative Coding are ideal for encouraging active engagement. 

Make a Mini Documentary
From authors and artists to activists and athletes, BrainPOP offers biographies in almost every unit of study. After exploring a biography, produce a BrainPOP-style movie, incorporating images, animation, and narration. Tutorial Screencast >

Presidential Coding Projects
BrainPOP’s Creative Coding projects are a way to share what you learn about a topic; they’re the dioramas and posters of the 21st century. With the upcoming election, “show what you know” by coding a political debate, building a museum exhibit honoring a president, or designing a presidential sorting game. Presidential Coding Projects >

Make an Animal Map

Before watching a BrainPOP animal movie, use Make-a-Map to brainstorm everything the class knows about the animal. Categorize details by connecting nodes. Then, watch the movie and add more details to respective parts of map, making further connections. Animal Topics >

Especially for BrainPOP Jr.

Make a Friendship Map

What does it mean to be a friend? Watch the Friendship movie then use Make-a-Map to show what friendship is all about. Friendship Make-a-Map >

Code a Story

Going to school brings up lots of different feelings. Explore the Emotions topic, then code a story that tells how you feel about going to school. Emotions Story >

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