BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. support
your K-8 curriculum needs

Animated movies, interactive learning activities, and educational games.

Standards-aligned lesson plans designed to foster 

high-order thinking skills.

BrainPOP enables your students to explore concepts through numerous modalities and become active participants in their learning with:

Flexible pathways with multiple ways to extend and deepen learning.

Built-in formative assessments to track progress 

towards grade-level standards. 

Dual-language opportunities with BrainPOP Español and Français support.

Ignite middle school students’ curiosity and love for science with turnkey, standard-aligned investigations.

Build vocabulary and grammar skills for English learners at every level with 90 scaffolded lessons.

Teach real-world scientific practices through an embedded, powerful Claims-Evidence-Reasoning process.

Meet students where they are with a built-in placement test and three levels to build skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Develop critical scientific and data literacy skills with digital tools and real models to encourage scientific discussion.

Engage students with lessons organized around engaging animated movies starring Ben and Moby.

Assign formative assessments and get real-time data on growth and progress toward grade-level proficiency.

Deepen learning with interactive activities that can be saved, submitted, and tracked to monitor progress.

Playful learning with proven results

All our content and tools are rooted in learning science research, designed to meet diverse learner needs, and proven to be effective.

Students gain an extra grade level of growth compared to a control group in Science, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension after using one BrainPOP topic per week for a semester.  

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Students in schools with a BrainPOP subscription achieve higher standardized test scores than a matched group of non-subscribers. This study meets ESSA tier 2 moderate requirements.

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BrainPOP meets all seven ISTE Standards for Students and enhances 

best practices of digital-age teaching 

and learning. 

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