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Welcome to the BrainPOP Bulletin, our board full of inspiration for your classroom. Every month, you’ll find fresh instructional ideas, classroom swag, and community announcements.


Students’ minds may run a mile a minute but with the ‘Noticing and Wondering' strategy, you’ll be sure to lock-in their attention and have all eyes focused on the content. You’ll be amazed to see student learning confidence grow within one single lesson.

'Noticing and Wondering': Activating BrainPOP learning beyond movies

Once your students have listed their “noticings and wonderings” and have rewatched the movie, have them return to their Make-a-Map and add a new “I understand” column. Writing down their new learnings will help reinforce students’ comprehension.

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The lights may be out when you press play, but this movie-viewing strategy will make students' minds light up. Here’s one way to make movies a more active part of your class, while providing an opportunity to practice essential literacy skills.

Watch, Discuss, Rewatch


Your dashboard is the secret ingredient to your students’ success. With this month’s tip, you’ll learn how to use your data to pinpoint opportunities for more targeted, just-in-time instruction in one simple scan.

Inform reteaching with data


Give your multilingual learners the support they need with this simple time-saving strategy. In this month’s tip, we’re combining BrainPOP’s Make-a-Map tool with the Frayer Model to explore how to build academic vocabulary and provide flexibility.

The Frayer Model for multilingual learners


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Assessments don’t have to feel dull. With BrainPOP’s Quiz feature, there’s an easy way to get students excited to demonstrate their understanding. In this month’s tip, we’re sharing how you can turn assessments into play with one simple game.

Gamifying traditional assessments

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