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Unexpected school closures have an enormous impact on a school community.

Continue learning at home with BrainPOP. Download our customizable letters to help you communicate with families.

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Learning at Home with BrainPOP

Engage with Playful Challenges

Our carefully curated collection of learning games—developed in partnership with universities, museums, nonprofits, and more—reinforce, extend, and assess knowledge in a playful, engaging way. Visit GameUp >

Encourage Literacy & Critical Thinking 

Accompanying every BrainPOP topic are resources to support and enhance understanding of the content while simultaneously building reading comprehension, writing, and critical thinking skills:

  • Related Reading: High-interest, informational texts extend understanding of the associated topic and support key reading strategies. 
  • Challenge: Playful, interactive tasks engage higher-order thinking skills while seamlessly assessing understanding. 
  • Primary Source: First-hand artifacts—from journals to recordings—prompt examination, analysis, and interpretation.

The digital nature of BrainPOP makes it a perfect solution for distance learning while your students are home. Here are some ideas for engaging and keeping them on track:

Explore and Build Knowledge  

Encourage your students to continue building knowledge of the subjects you’re teaching in class. With over 1,000 topics in subjects across the curriculum, we've got you covered. Our movies and accompanying resources are both rigorous and fun. Explore Topics >

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Family Letter

Share with Families

Let your students' families know that your school has full access to BrainPOP. 

Download and customize the letters below to provide them with easy instructions for logging in.

Reassure Your Students about COVID-19

Navigating the outbreak of this virus can be difficult for children and grown-ups. We've curated a list of our best resources to help children stay calm—and informed. 

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