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Remote learning introduces new challenges for your classroom, and we’re here to help. See how the content and resources you now have through BrainPOP can help you reach and engage every student.

Meet your Distance Learning Needs

Start Planning your Lessons

With BrainPOP, you can boost understanding and achievement with every lesson and make valuable time more meaningful all at once. Follow this easy structure to get started!

Start with a movie that simplifies complex topics clearly. Tim, Moby, and friends make jokes and real-life connections that students love, and with over 1000+ movies across the curriculum, teachers love us too.

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1. Build Background Knowledge

Extend learning with a suite of activities included with each topic. Download and share a Graphic Organizer with students, incorporate literacy with Related Readings, or develop Vocabulary with interactive flashcards, and more.

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2. Think and Do

Use GameUp, our collection of learning games, to encourage higher order thinking, boost engagement, and give your students more agency in how they learn and explore!

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3. Extend Learning with Games

Now try it for yourself! Check out our new pacing guides and lesson plans and put BrainPOP into practice.

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Your current account includes access to all our movies and activities, but you can enhance the experience to include all our creativity and Dashboard tools with school-wide access.

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