Help Your Curious Learners Stay Calm and Informed

Knowledge dispels fear.

—BrainPOP founder Dr. Avraham Kadar

At BrainPOP, we're dedicated to empowering children through knowledge and information. In light of recent news, we've compiled a comprehensive collection of resources and materials to guide your teaching of COVID-19—both at home and in the classroom. Through knowledge, we can all help our curious learners stay calm and feel safer.

BrainPOP: Coronavirus

Our Coronavirus movie demystifies the 2019 outbreak, separating facts from fear by providing a clear-eyed explanation of what COVID-19 is and how we can protect ourselves. The movie is available to all for free, and we encourage parents and teachers to take advantage of the accompanying creative tools, worksheet, and lesson plan.

Recommended Grades: 3+

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Use BrainPOP to Support Distance Learning

Stay one step ahead of increasing concerns for school closures. With BrainPOP’s comprehensive content and resources, teachers and parents can help children stay on top of their learning with as little disruption as possible. 

To learn more, read our blog post for tips on how to support your virtual classroom so that you can take full advantage of our suite of materials across all subject areas.

BrainPOP Español: Coronavirus

Nuestro nuevo tema está disponible para todos de forma gratuita. Informa sobre qué es el COVID-19 y cómo protegerte de la mejor manera de él. Te alentamos a hacer uso del tema y aprovechar el plan de lección que lo acompaña.

BrainPOP Français: Coronavirus

Notre film sur le coronavirus démystifie l’épidémie de 2019, séparant les faits de la peur, en fournissant une explication claire de ce qu’est le COVID-19, et de comment nous pouvons nous protéger. Le film est accessible à tous gratuitement, et nous encourageons les parents et les enseignants à profiter de ces outils d’accompagnement créatifs et du parcours pédagogique parcours pédagogique à disposition.

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