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Make Distance Learning Easy and Meaningful

We're honored and excited to be a part of your remote learning plans. With BrainPOP, you can easily continue covering your planned curriculum and keep students engaged no matter where they are.

Make Sure You're Set Up for Success

Your access comes with individual accounts and a suite of Dashboard tools! For the full BrainPOP experience, make sure every teacher and student activates their account.

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Set Up a Virtual Class

Start by creating your classes! This will ensure you’re able to manage students and differentiate their instruction as needed.

Invite Students

Share your Class Code with students to activate their accounts, and ensure they can receive, submit, and save work. 

Start Exploring

Now you can easily manage, create, and track assignments through Dashboard. Try it for yourself!

Start Planning your Lessons

BrainPOP helps deepen understanding, boost higher order thinking, and encourage more agency all at once. Follow this easy structure to get started.

1. Build Background Knowledge

Start with a movie that simplifies complex topics clearly. Tim, Moby, and friends make jokes and real-life connections that students love, and with over 1000+ movies across the curriculum, teachers love us too.

2. Think and Do

After ensuring everyone has the same background knowledge, create assignments with Make-a-Movie or Creative Coding to encourage higher-order thinking and help students demonstrate new knowledge. Assign projects, or give students the agency to choose their own.

3. Assess from Afar

Use your Dashboard tools to track quiz results, review assignment submissions and give personalized feedback. These results can also help you differentiate instruction and provide additional support or new challenges for those who need it.

Now try it for yourself! Check out our new lesson plans and pacing guides and put BrainPOP into practice.

Currently using a Shared Log-In?

If you requested school-wide access but don’t have an account, or if you’re interested in changing your access to enable individual accounts, let us know!

Email and we’ll help you get started.

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Download and customize your letters to provide their log-in instructions.

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