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BrainPOP offers topics you're teaching now. Short animations build knowledge, learning games and activities allow application of knowledge, and creative tools let students show what they know.

Make Distance Learning Easy and Meaningful

Home Learning Ideas & Activities

With BrainPOP, you can teach the same way you do in the classroom, removing the distance in distance learning. Here are some ideas for engaging and keeping your students on track from home:

Differentiate for Every Student  

Discover resources and tools to support students who need extra help or challenge those working above grade level.

Make Virtual Assignments

Use the Assignment Builder to design learning pathways relevant to your curriculum. 

Boost Student Agency

Tap into students' curiosity by encouraging independent exploration of over 1,000 topic across the curriculum!

Assess from Afar  

Easily track your student's progress with instant assessment results and virtual assignment submissions.

Coming soon!

Set Up for Success

Creating your virtual classrooms is easy! Follow these simple steps and learn more on how to create, share, and manage your accounts.


Make sure every teacher has their own account to create classes, assign work, and track progress.

Create Individual Educator Accounts


We offer flexibility in how you set up each class based on your school or district's technology and integration setup. 

Set Up Your Class


Create and share a Class Code so students can receive, submit, and save their projects and assignments. 

Invite Students


Use your Teacher Dashboard to manage classes, review assignments, track results, projects, and more.

Manage Classes


Students can submit both unassigned and assigned work to their teachers for review and feedback. 

Receive Student Work


Build custom assignments for specific students, a single class or multiple classes.

Create Assignments

Not sure if you have an Individual Account?

Make sure you and your students are able to access all of our resources and tools. 

Get in touch with us if you're currently sharing a school-wide login:

Share with Their Families

Let families know that your school has access to BrainPOP! Download and customize your letters to provide log-in instructions.

Cartas para la familia

Letters to Family

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Google Login

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Reassure Your Students About COVID-19

Navigating the outbreak of this virus can be difficult for children and grown-ups. We've curated a list of our best resources to help children stay calm—and informed.

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