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Students in schools with a BrainPOP subscription showed a greater increase in standardized test scores than those in non-subscribing schools.


The study assessed student performance by comparing BrainPOP® subscribers to non-subscribers using the results of statewide tests administered at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. BrainPOP’s Data and Analytics team, led by Dr. Kevin Miklasz, looked at results across five states (California, Colorado, Florida, New York, and Texas) and three core subjects areas (ELA, Math, and Science) for students in grades 3-8. The results of the study show that BrainPOP meets the Moderate Evidence of Impact level for ESSA


Our effectiveness study indicates that students in schools with a BrainPOP subscription performed better on state standardized tests than those in non-subscribing schools:

  • The effect was always positive, statistically significant at the p<0.10 level, and verified in five different states.
  • An average effect size of 38.4 in ELA, 44.8 in Math, and 46.4 in Science across five states, indicating that BrainPOP subscribers  perform better than a demographically similar set of non-subscribers.
  • The results qualify for Moderate ESSA evidence. 

The following graph illustrates the change from prescores to postscores between BrainPOP subscribers and matched BrainPOP non-subscribers. The subscribers show a modest increase in performance, while the matched non-subscribers group shows a significant decrease in performance. Results are shown for a school’s mean ELA, Math, and Science scores, averaged across the five states in the analysis.


This study found a positive effect of a BrainPOP subscription in all five states. The effect was typically stronger in grades 3-6, and in Science and Math. The following are highlights from the states included in this study; details can be found in the full report.

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