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Ensure school readiness and transform your kids’ screen time with award-winning movies, educational games and quizzes made by educators.

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Turn your kids’ endless questions into new discoveries

Movies and educational games across 1,200+ topics

Easily browse by subject, grade, or keyword to find age-appropriate, teacher-approved topics.

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Watch and play to build knowledge and skills

Reinforce school readiness and make your kids’ screen time valuable and fun.

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Safe, independent learning for kids

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A simple approach to make learning stick

BrainPOP is proven to boost achievement, and the secret is in how our movies and activities put kids’ interests, humor, and creativity first.

Build core knowledge

Check for understanding

Demonstrate learning

Our movies and characters make even the most complex topics interesting and easy to understand.

Use a Quiz or Challenge to see how well learning is going, and reinforce learning with additional activities.

Choose from a library educational games to build higher order thinking skills and deepen learning.

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For grades K-3

For grades 3-8

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Plan highlights:

Plan highlights:

Plan highlights:

200+ age-appropriate topics on all subjects

Playful assessments and activities, including quizzes and drawing 

Accessibility features including text-to-speech

Best value for multiple learners across grades

1,000+ BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. topics across all subjects

Assessments & activities from BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

800+ diverse topics across all subjects

Playful assessments including quizzes and challenges

Additional learning activities like Related Readings

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