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These are strange times for us all, but BrainPOP provides an opportunity for your child to continue learning and exploring the world all around us. Get to know your new content and resources below!

Get to know BrainPOP

Not sure where to start? Take a look at this video and get familiar with the basics.

Ready to start exploring? Keep these tips in mind.

With BrainPOP, you can boost understanding and achievement with every lesson and make valuable time more meaningful all at once. Follow this easy structure to get started!

1. Start with a Movie

Choose from 1,000+ topics across all their favorite subjects or current school curriculum! Tim, Moby and the gang are great at explaining complicated ideas, so children can learn with or without an adult by their side. 

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2. Extend Learning

Every topic also comes with fun activities and opportunities to dig deeper into the subject. This is a great way to connect with your child and help guide their learning.

  • Read a Related Reading together and broaden the context of the topic.
  • Build a concept map together with Make-a-Map.
  • Test your knowledge with Challenge and answer interactive questions together.

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3. Play a Game

GameUp, our collection of learning games, is another great way to demonstrate knowledge and get your child learning on their own or together with the whole family.

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Even More Ideas for Every Grade

 Looking for even more ways to learn with your child at home? We're full of ideas!

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