Fill This Summer with Curiosity and Wonder

Let imaginations run wild—even if it’s at home! Our new BrainPOP family plans are perfect for keeping children engaged and learning all summer and beyond. Explore what's new for your family and join us for tons of fun and enriching activities at Camp BrainPOP.

Achievements Unlocked

Combine rigorous learning with fun and play—with us, it’s easy to boost achievement and make knowledge stick.

Endless Discovery

Explore 1,000+ topics that cover all academic subjects, important social-emotional skills, and your learners' favorite interests for every grade.

Safe and Secure

No matter where curiosity leads, BrainPOP lets young explorers uncover facts and phenomenons in a safe, enriching space

Made Just for Family Learning

From our family to yours, these new subscription plans are designed with your needs in mind. Purchase plans individually, or as a combo with BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr

BrainPOP Apps

Make Online Time More Meaningful

BrainPOP Family

Discover the Power of Curiosity

BrainPOP Homeschool

Bring Professional Teaching Home

Annual plans starting at $5.99/month

Annual plans starting at $9.92/month

Annual plans starting at $24.59/month

APP ONLY access to all movies and quizzes

Access to all movies and quizzes

Access to all movies and quizzes

Best suited for independent learning

Personalized goal-tracking system

Access to ALL learning and creativity tools

Best suited for on-the-go-mobility

Learning games

Learning games

Teacher Dashboard with assignment tools

One family account with 2 child profiles

Best suited for independent learning

Professional development resources

One teacher account with 4 student profiles

Best suited for homeschool or hands-on teaching

Get to know our Products

Grades K-3

Grades 3+

Designed for younger learners! Explore over 250 simplified topics across every subject.

Explore over 800 topics on everything you can imagine. Great for curious learners of all ages.

"As a parent and a teacher - I LOVE BrainPOP! A great variety of topics and a great format."

"Before, my children would fight over the iPad for Minecraft time, but now they cuddle up and can sit for hours if I let them watch lessons on BrainPOP!"

Don’t just take our word for it - check out theirs too!

- Lana F.

- B.A.

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