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Turn curiosity into self-directed learning and achievement. BrainPOP is a safe and engaging space for children to explore every interest--and discover new ones.

Quality and Quantity

Discover over 1,000 topics for every interest and subject, all age-appropriate and academically sound.  

Safe and Secure

We don’t play with your trust and privacy. BrainPOP is a secure, ad-free space for kids to discover and learn.

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BrainPOP is proven to raise achievement and developed with the advice of top educational leaders.

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Make Learning Stick

Build knowledge with movies, reinforce concepts with games, and assess understanding with quizzes. Each of BrainPOP’s 1,000+ topics follows a complete learning arc that boosts understanding and retention.

Self-Led Discovery

New to BrainPOP! Explore by Badges, grade-appropriate collections of topics that encourage kids to meet their own curated goals and boost self-guided exploration. New badges are added regularly.

Manage Learners
with Ease

BrainPOP is hands-off for parents and hands-on for kids. Add up to two learners per account and view each learner’s Timeline for a summary of their explored topics, badges collected, and learning progress.

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