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Bring BrainPOP’s proven approach to your school! Discover quality, evidence-based materials to support the wide range of learning needs in the classroom.  

Proven to boost achievement

These effectiveness studies meet the ESSA Tier 2 Moderate Requirements: 

Students in schools with a BrainPOP subscription achieved higher standardized test scores than a matched group of non-subscribers. 
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Students gained an extra grade level of growth compared to a control group in science, vocabulary, and reading comprehension after using one BrainPOP topic per week for a semester.  
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BrainPOP is an evidence-based learning solution that enables all students to engage actively in their learning. We compliment your curriculum initiatives to drive progress toward grade-level expectations.

See how we align to each funding option below to find the best choice for you.

Funding Option

How BrainPOP Aligns


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BrainPOP products can be used to build the essential skills each student needs for academic success while helping teachers meet the wide-range of educational needs in their classrooms.

Our unique learning framework, Access for All, combines Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and SEL to meet the needs of diverse learners. 

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Our relatable animated content keeps students highly engaged while building
core background knowledge across
the curriculum.

We help English Language Learners build language skills and ensure they have tailored support to build content knowledge across the curriculum.

BrainPOP's engaging content and

tools strengthen interactions between
students and teachers across all
learning environments.

For 2022 there has been a $1 Billion increase in Title I.

Title I 

These funds are used to ensure equity of access and include 1003(g) School Improvement Funds

All BrainPOP products are designed to enhance the student learning experience by combining the Universal Design for Learning framework with Differentiated Instruction and SEL.

Title II 

These funds are used to foster professional development.

BrainPOP offers research-based professional development opportunities that are proven to shift teacher practice towards more student-centered pedagogical models.  See the Impact >

Title III 

These funds are used to support ELLs.

Aligned to WIDA, BrainPOP ELL engages and challenges your English Language Learners with scaffolded lessons to build reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Title IV

These funds are used to help build 21st century skills.

Certified to meet all seven ISTE Standards, BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. are shown to enhance the best practices of digital-age teaching and learning. 

IDEA, Part B Funds: Individuals with Disabilities Act

With our "Access for All" design, all BrainPOP products offer content and tools that can be used in specifically-designed instruction (MTSS tier 3) to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities or those with an IEP. See the Research >

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"BrainPOP is not only accessible to students but helps build confidence by providing opportunities that build upon one another and stretch their learning."

Annette Shakinovsky - Assistant Principal, Bethesda Elementary School

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