Turn learning into play with BrainPOP’s summer activities

Keep the learning going all summer long with your school’s BrainPOP subscriptions. Our learning packets will keep kids' minds active, without stealing away any of their summer fun.

When kids learn with BrainPOP consistently, they’re building literacy skills to set them up for success in all their subjects. Dive into playful and fun learning activities to keep them on track for the school year ahead.

Adventures in  summer reading

There’s certainly nothing better—or more important—than getting lost in a good book! BrainPOP offers these ideas to keep your kids reading all summer long.

Summer math activities

Summertime offers a perfect opportunity for children to boost their confidence in math with real-life connections and by experiencing math in the world.

Stay moving this summer

From swimming and skipping rope, make this summer a healthy and fit one. Here are ideas that will get hearts pumping and work out the brain, too! 

Ramp up the summer writing

Writing can be a natural and seamless part of our daily lives. Keep this important skill from slipping this summer by incorporating writing into fun summertime activities.

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