Welcome to Project Beaker

Get an exclusive preview of BrainPOP’s new science solution. Project Beaker is our new approach to help teachers and students, grades 6 to 8, achieve deep engagement with both science content and scientific practices. 

UPDATE: Project Beaker is closed for preview. If you would like to participate in an upcoming preview this fall, sign up and we will let you know when the next preview is available in September.

What do you get with Project Beaker?  

Powerful Investigations: The core of our new product are Investigations. These adaptable, NGSS-aligned units encourage students to lead their own learning as they explore real-world phenomena. The content and materials in this preview are for grades 6 to 8. Later we will expand to additional grades.

We worked closely with teachers throughout the development of this product and now we’re excited to finally get it in your hands as an early sneak peak. 

Our preview features three BrainPOP Investigations™:

Bowling with Forces

Digging Through Time

Plants in Space

Learn more about how kinetic energy is transferred and transformed during collisions and investigate: “What happens when a bowling ball collides with pins?”

Explore rocks and fossils and the concept of geologic time through a series of hands-on activities and by wandering through a 3D World.

“How could you grow plants in outer space?” is the question that leads students on a journey through the topics photosynthesis and microgravity.

Student-Driven Learning

Exploring a line of inquiry around the observation of a phenomena lies at the heart of the scientific process. Project Beaker puts students front and center by allowing them to hone their scientific reasoning skills through investigating questions. 

Every Investigation starts with a Driving Question and then goes through a series of Guiding Questions that prompt students to collect evidence as they explore. The lessons within each Investigation develop essential NGSS-aligned skills:

  • Mastering core science concepts
  • Evaluating evidence

  • Practicing scientific reasoning
  • Explaining phenomena

  • Presenting arguments  
  • Designing solutions

New Resources

Comprehensive materials: Plan your lesson today and teach it tomorrow. Each Investigation is a unit that features an in-depth guide, teaching tips, printables, and additional hands-on activities.

New content: Preview new science content exclusive to Project Beaker. 

Technology-enhanced tools: Hands-on activities are at the heart of effective learning, and we’ve developed new tools to drive learners’ exploration. 

  • Data Manipulatives™ help students improve their data literacy as they interact with scientific data that is used in realistic scenarios.
  • Simulations help students model, test hypotheses, and collect evidence to support an argument or line of reasoning. 
  • BrainPOP 3D Worlds™ allow students to engage in scientific practices as they explore virtual worlds that reflect real-world phenomena.

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