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Plan Your School Year with Confidence

Whether learning is in the classroom or at home, BrainPOP offers unbeatable content, tools, and flexibility to ensure quality education for all students. With one robust learning solution, you can continue meeting your goals while preparing for anything the school year brings.

All Subjects and Grades

Deliver meaningful standards-aligned content that students love with 1,000+ topics across the curriculum (including SEL) for grades K-8.

A Complete Learning Arc

Build background, develop higher order thinking, and assess understanding with a variety of quizzes, activities, and creative projects that emphasize student agency. 

Flexibility for Teachers

From 5-minute introductions to 5-week units, BrainPOP meets all instructional goals and is equipped with auto-graded tools to make differentiation easy.

Continuity from School to Home 

Ensure a seamless transition between learning environments with one consistent and meaningful solution that supports students, teachers, and families. 

Flexible and Meaningful Projects

Without the time constraints of a typical class period, BrainPOP provides meaningful project-based experiences that extend classroom learning and deepen understanding through creative expression.

Time-Saving Resources

Grade-level pacing guides and lesson plans with offline modifications are available to help teachers and families best utilize BrainPOP at school and home.

Cultivating Digital Citizenship

Effective virtual classrooms require safe and responsible use of technology. Discover topics from digital etiquette and cyberbullying to conflict resolution and more to help build these important skills.

"By leveraging the BrainPOP universe and all of its offerings, we’ve been able to create a distance learning experience that is at once familiar, logical, enriching, and safe. I defy anyone to find a singular platform that achieves what BrainPOP has lovingly built for its users."  

Davey Neill - 5th Grade Teacher, Shanghai American School

Proven to Boost Achievement

Deliver multi-disciplinary content, flexible tools, and interactive assessments that are proven to boost achievement and meet academic standards for all learners.

Students gain an extra grade level of growth compared to a control group in Science, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension after using one BrainPOP topic per week for a semester.  See Study >

BrainPOP is proven to boost student learning and meets the ESSA tier 2 moderate requirements.

BrainPOP meets all seven ISTE Standards for Students and enhances best practices of digital-age teaching and learning. Learn More >

Students in schools with a BrainPOP subscription achieve higher standardized test scores than a matched group of non-subscribers. See Study >

Implement a Complete Learning Arc

Pacing guides and lesson plans are available for every grade to make planning as easy and effective as possible.  

See a Sample Pacing Guide




Apply knowledge and critical thinking with creative tools and games.

Build background knowledge with 1,000+ standards-aligned topics across the curriculum.

Assess with auto-graded quizzes and creative projects to monitor progress and inform instruction.

Address Social and Emotional Learning

Integrate opportunities to build SEL knowledge and exercise the five CASEL competencies throughout BrainPOP content and activities, and with SEL-themed topics.

Create Safe Learning Spaces

Students connect with BrainPOP’s humor and animated characters, making tough or complex topics like bullying and stress feel safe and approachable.

Practice Competencies

BrainPOP's learner-driven projects, games, and activities all provide meaningful and natural ways to practice problem-solving, perseverance, and other SEL competencies.

Bring SEL to Life

From biographies highlighting courage to scientific discoveries that result from teamwork, SEL themes are embedded throughout every subject.

"BrainPOP‘s wonderful collection of SEL resources allow kids to connect their own stories to the stories of others and learn the life skills exhibited to persevere, overcome, and cope with the realities they face daily."  

Bill Lewis - Chief Operating Officer / Associate Superintendent, Seguin ISD

Equitable Access for All

Transform theory into sustainable practices that serve every student from anywhere with universally-designed tools and the flexibility to create individualized learning pathways.  

BrainPOP combines multiple researched-based teaching frameworks including Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and SEL to create a unique cross-disciplinary design known as “Access for All.” 

To learn more about creating equitable access for diverse learners and sustainable practices for teachers, download the research paper: Equity in Learning with BrainPOP.

Tools and flexibility for every teacher:

  • Multiple assessments to gauge understanding, inform instruction, and monitor progress.
  • Tools that allow flexibility to differentiate assignments for groups or individuals based on assessment data and learning goals, including SWDs and ELLs. 
  • A collection of resources including lesson planning guidance and tips for offline modifications.

Meaningful learning for every student:

  • Familiar and lovable characters who explain complex topics in meaningful ways.
  • Multiple entry points and means for expressing understanding.
  • Creative and learner-driven projects that encourage and emphasize student agency.
  • Resources to support IEP goals and language development.

"BrainPOP provided ease of differentiation, freedom of student agency, and voice and choice in learning—all by using bite-size chunks of reliable content delivered with a bit of whimsy."

Jessie Erickson - Curriculum Technology Partner with Grand Forks Public Schools

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