Inspire the scientist in every middle school student

Power up your science instruction with ready-to-use investigations and assessments that complement your core curriculum.

Guide your students to observe, write, and argue like real scientists

Deliver engaging investigations with an embedded Claim-Evidence-Reasoning process that teaches students to construct and defend claims across contexts and perspectives.

Ignite a curiosity and love for science

Each ready-to-use investigation is led by an interesting guiding question, and real-world phenomena that are relatable and engaging for middle school kids. 

Teach real-world scientific practices

A powerful CER process is embedded throughout investigations as students activate prior knowledge, collect evidence, and construct and defend claims like real-world scientists.

Develop critical scientific and data literacy skills

Virtual science and engineering practices embedded in our digital tools empower students to test hypotheses, manipulate real models, and encourage scientific discussion.

Assign practical and formative assessments

Check for student understanding along the way and get real-time data on their growth and progress toward grade-level proficiency.

Ready to ignite real scientific curiosity? Your subscription includes:

Coverage across Physical, Life, and Earth & Space science

Interactive data visualizations to develop critical scientific and data literacy skills

Authentic assessments that reflect state tests

In-product standards alignment across all 50 states

Teacher & admin dashboards to track live student progress 

Customized professional development opportunities