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Coding  Decoded


Try BrainPOP's free Creative Coding projects that let students show what they know—no matter what subject you’re teaching.

Bring computational thinking within every students’ reach.

Simplify coding for everyone in the classroom

(including you!)


Creative Coding—developed in partnership with Scratch and Vidcode—helps you introduce coding through the content you’re already teaching, giving students a creative way to express their learning.

Find Creative Coding in any topic you're teaching

Assign projects like coding a game, comic strip, and more

Encourage students to "code what they know" with a friendly interface

Add coding to the curriculum without extra planning

Explore our free projects and easily bring coding into your existing lesson plans.

BrainPOP: Vidcode Food Chains

Who is a predator? Who is prey?

Code a newscast about food chains.

Food Chains

BrainPOP Jr.: Scratch Martin Luther King Jr

Code a digital museum to show what you know about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

BrainPOP Vidcode Online Safety

Animate an idea for staying safe online.

Online Safety

BrainPOP Vidcode Computer Programming

Code a programming meme. Now that's meta!

Computer Programming

BrainPOP Vidcode Color

What is color? Code a flag to show what you know!


BrainPOP Jr.: Scratch Basic Adding

Code an addition problem for classmates to solve.

Basic Adding

BrainPOP Jr.: Scratch Senses

Code a museum exhibit featuring the five senses.


BrainPOP Jr.: Scratch Facts and Opinions

Is that a fact? Code a fact or opinion game!

Facts and Opinions

What happens when kids learn to code in Social Studies? Science? English? Nat and Moby find out.


Turn coding into a skill every kid is excited to learn

Teacher and student using an iPad at a desk

New on the blog


What does it mean to “code to learn?"

Design a digital museum to show what you know about Martin Luther King Jr.

New on the blog


Crack the code on student engagement

A simpler way to meet your teaching goals is one click away

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