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Connect by BrainPOP |  VIRTUAL EVENT

Connect by BrainPOP: Get ready for back-to-school

Join Connect by BrainPOP to discover strategies for differentiation, supporting ELs, fostering science inquiry, and more. Get inspired for the new school year and win coveted Moby swag—RSVP below!

Date: Monday, July 22, 2024

Time: 12:00-3:30 pm EST

Bulletin board with Moby stickers and a sticky note saying "Moby was here"


Enhancing Education: The BrainPOP Evolution

This fireside chat will reflect on how BrainPOP has fostered a love for learning throughout the past 25 years. Whether you're a longtime user of BrainPOP or new to our community, you'll leave with a deeper understanding of how our new learning activities can support and enhance your instruction.


Level the Playing Field: Differentiate Your Lessons with BrainPOP 3-8+

Hear our top tips for instructional planning using BrainPOP’s new grade-leveled features! Learn how our enhancements—like Leveled Reading, Vocab Builder, and the enhanced Quiz—empower seamless, impactful differentiation that builds background knowledge across content areas and meets all learners’ needs.


Tim, Moby, and the Power of a Pause

Join us to explore the instructional benefits of using BrainPOP movies alongside Pause Points. Learn evidence-based strategies for effectively incorporating them into your instruction, which literacy skills they promote, and how to review results to inform your next steps.


Reporting with a Reason: Harness the Power of Teacher Reports in BrainPOP 3-8+

Discover how to leverage BrainPOP’s teacher reports to nurture students' background knowledge, literacy skill-building, and assessment readiness. In this session, we’ll model a strategy for reviewing grade-leveled quiz results and crafting an informed, differentiated instructional plan that supports students in whole-group, small-group, and independent learning settings.


Cultivating Inquiry and Investigation with BrainPOP Science (6-8)

Learn how to bring multi-dimensional science and engineering to life in your middle school classrooms with BrainPOP’s newest platform, BrainPOP Science.


Multilingual and Multimodal:
Supporting ELL Students in BrainPOP 3-8+

Engage your multilingual learners in vocabulary instruction while supporting their knowledge and background-building across content areas with BrainPOP.


Playful with a Purpose: Exploring BrainPOP Jr. for K-3

Dive into BrainPOP Jr. and discover how its engaging movies and literacy skill-building activities can captivate young learners! In this session, we’ll showcase an engaging instructional model that builds background knowledge, enhances vocabulary, and boosts comprehension skills for all K-3 learners.

3:05 - 3:30

Tales from the Field from Certified 

BrainPOP Educators (CBEs)

Hear from real teachers on how they use BrainPOP in their classrooms.

Our Speakers

Priya Mathur

Sr. Manager, Educator Programming

John Guild

VP, Product

Stevie Peacock

Curriculum Specialist

Hannah Bonville

Lead Learning Designer

Christina Knabe

Sr. Professional Learning Strategist

Michele Robinson

Director, Professional Learning Services, Essentials

Bobbi Bear

VP, Professional Learning Services

Kelsie Stocz

Director, Professional Learning Services, Science

Sarah Roush

Science Success Strategist

Marley Zeno

Sr. Professional Learning Strategist

Spark educator excitement and build a foundation to support your teachers!

Don’t have BrainPOP?
No problem!

Our Connect by BrainPOP event is open to all educators! Explore how BrainPOP fosters engaging learning experiences and empowers creative thinking across the curriculum. Whether it's professional development, event updates, or fun digital swag to spice up your classroom, we've got you covered.

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